Life Coaching - If you are feeling overwhelmed by family or business life and just need some encouragement or guidance, we can help. One to one visits can be motivating and empowering to help you through the busy times in your life. No one should feel they are alone when tackling challenging times in their life. 

Moving – Have you moved house and realised you have unopened boxes from the last move going to the new place? You keep using up valuable storage room or bedroom space. Before the move, we can help you declutter the items that are not needed in your life anymore. This would leave you with the items that can be easily packed and ultimately save you money in moving and storage costs.

Selling Your Home – If you are selling your home, it is vital that you make your home feel as appealing as it can to get the best possible price. We can help you declutter the items that are not needed in your home and can also advise on kerb appeal and more importantly how to arrange your home to make it look spacious and organised for potential buyers.

Storage Units – Think about this option very carefully. If you haven't used or looked at an item for years in your home are you going to go to a storage container to look at them? My answer is No! There is no logic in storing something which has less emotional or monetary value than what you’re paying to store it. 

Wardrobe Decluttering - In this consumer age we all have too many clothes in our wardrobes. Studies have shown we only really wear one quarter of all the clothes we own. Decluttering your wardrobe can give you a new lease of life, helping you revisit those clothes you had forgotten you had and loved. It also gives you the opportunity to donate the ones you no longer need.

Items you don't need anymore – Most clients keep items from the past that they will never use again. This is very evident especially with clothing or inherited family items. We have no emotional attachment to any of these objects or items, so can help you make the decision whether to keep, sell or throw away. There are lots of charities that would be happy to take away items to needy families or sell on to raise funds for good causes.

Clear Mountain provides a free consultation so that you can discuss what issues you are facing currently, see how we can help you and also help you determine if you are comfortable to let us into your life.