We worked with a client with O.C.D. The client was a Grandmother with O.C.D and her flat was full of cleaning materials. These items were taking over all rooms in the house. Unfortunately Social Work would not allow the grandchildren to stay due to the amount of chemical products in the home.

ACTION - We organised room by room. We coached the client through letting go of the unwanted items, organising cupboards and making it safe for the children. We worked with a Charity to fund the Decluttering Project.

BENEFITS - The client became less stressed. The living environment was greatly improved. We established a better relationship with the Social Work Department. This gave the grandmother more time to spent with her grandchildren.

TESTIMONIAL - My Social Worker found Elaine on the Net. Elaine worked with me to set up my home properly so I could have more contact with my grandchildren. I feel I have turned a corner with my collecting of objects and cleaning materials. I think I really needed this. It has been liberating! She worked with the B.E.N Charity to organise payment for this service.    Mrs Reilly

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