"Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to clear my bedroom, spare room & Kitchen of 10years of clutter. My husband was seriously ill in hospital and the house had to be perfect for him coming home so he could properly recover and relax. Clear Mountain Decluttering was the answer to what was an impossible task for me alone due to my own ill health. Elaine was very clear with what needed to be done for me to achieve this and get my Home back to what it used to be.

Elaine is very friendly, trustworthy and tackled the job head on and worked exceptionally hard for me. She gave me loads of tips and organisational skills to put in to practise to keep my home tidy and clutter free from now on. I can honestly say I have been able to keep on top on things since my decluttering experience. Now I feel a sense of calm, serenity and relaxation in my home. I feel a huge weight has been lifted and it’s a joy to be in my home again and not be looking at a mess and clutter.

If you are struggling please do not hesitate to get in touch with this company. I would certainly recommend them to anyone when you need some extra help in your life as we all do at times. I feel I have my life back!  

A huge thank you Clear Mountain Decluttering Thank you x"


"I've used the services of Elaine twice now to help me de-clutter and tidy my bedrooms. She was very professional, extremely effective and very friendly and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. I could not have done this without her."


"Thank you for the help started on my life coaching plan yesterday. Looking forward to implementing it I also feel clearer on how to go about communicating professionally

Miss S

"I approached Elaine as my bedroom was becoming chaotic. I didn't know where to start with things that I had just let accumulate over the years. Elaine came and was very swift in showing me how to organise (effectively!) around my room, getting rid of items I hadn't used in years and allowing room and giving order to the items that I wanted to keep. In a short space of time, my room looked brand new!

Elaine is efficient , meticulous a great motivator and fun to work with. I would recommend Elaine to anyone to needs help in this area! Thank you again Elaine for your help - couldn't have done it without you"


"I was desperate to declutter my flat and by sheer luck came across Elaine and the services of Clear Mountain on the Internet.

Professional, efficient and friendly, in just over 6-hours Elaine unbelievably helped me clear out and re-organise all my storage. Result? Lots more space and everything in its place and a place for everything


"Our paperwork decluttering was amazing, liberating and Awesome will arrange another day. thank you so much"

Calmer Andrea

"Thanks so much for a great job yesterday. I’m very pleased with the result and although my husband was unsettled he is now thinking of what to do with his boxes. I managed to get upstairs last night so I was very relieved it was cleaner and clearer"


"Once again, thanks for everything, you have done a great job – we’ll have no hesitation in recommending your service to friends in the future"


"Clear Mountain recently decluttered my garden in preparation for selling my house. They got the overgrown back garden under control while bringing needed definition to the front. I was grateful for the cost effective tips on staging. The house received a very good offer the first day it was on the market"


"Thank you for the great job you did in helping me sort through all those unopened boxes and papers after we moved house"


"In terms of feedback, we couldn't be happier with how you have cleared and organised our office. I am sitting at the desk in the office as I write - the desk and all the surfaces are clear and we are both filing everything all the time. What you have done - clearing and organising our office - will transform our business and our lives.

I guess it's one of the many things, like losing weight, where even if you know all the theory, the emotion of it all gets in the way of action. Getting help isn't a sign of weakness or fecklessness, but a realisation that sometimes you can't do things on your own"