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Professional Decluttering

& Lifestyle Coaching

At Clear Mountain Decluttering and Lifestyle Coaching we work on the Scandinavian style principles of ‘HYGGE’ and ‘LAGOM’

Just the right amount of everything creating balance in your home and life. Helping you live a life you'll love.

If you had a problem in your home, you would look for a qualified tradesperson to fix it. 


So, if you have acquired a large amount of clutter or are living a slightly disorganized life you may want to

call in a Professional Organizer to give you a little support, motivation, and help.

There is no need to feel uncomfortable about asking for help decluttering your home or lifestyle.

It’s the first step to changing your living environment and life.

Hi, I am Elaine Mckinlay founder of Clear Mountain Decluttering. I have been supporting clients for over 15 years and I am a member of The Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO)


I cover Scotland.


My Virtual Sessions are available  for all locations.


I have extensive experience as a Professional Organiser and Lifestyle Coach helping clients with Anxiety, Depression, Adhd, Dyslexia, Autism, Ocd and other medical and organisational challenges related to Clutter.

Clear Mountain helps clients create a clear decluttered home, office or lifestyle that provides the building blocks to take their lives or business in a new positive direction. 


We specialise in projects such as : 

Small Area Space Solutions





Home Office 


Home Staging 

Project Management 

House Sales 

Bereavement Management 

1-2-1 Lifestyle Coaching 


We also provide demonstrations at 

The Ideal Home Show Scotland 

Corporate Business Presentation 


Course tutoring at 

The University of Strathclyde CLL

Member of the panel on Cluttertalk live



Does the mountain of clutter around your home or office sometimes represent the chaos in your life?

Does it appear to be a mountain you feel you will never truly conquer?


Do you feel your clutter takes your feelings of anxiety, depression and stress

to a catastrophic level?

Is it causing a physical impact on your mind and body?


Are you not making appointments on time due to disorganisation?

Are you experiencing poor timekeeping due to the fact you can’t find things?


Do you think when you look at the clutter around you it reflects the way way you may be feeling inside?

Do you think your mind is as cluttered as your external environment?


If so we can help ...


These are some advantages of Clearing Clutter in your Home, Office or Life


: Getting rid of ‘stuff’ that is impacting on your home, body and life


: Feeling you have given yourself permission to let go of items or ‘stuff’ that is

holding you back


: Bringing back the confidence in your ability to take control and make clear

concise decisions


Paperwork Organising

If you are struggling with paperwork we can help. We can provide systems for filing, document management and techniques to keep paperwork under control. Saving you time and money.


Life Coaching

  If you are feeling overwhelmed by family or business life and just need some encouragement or guidance, we can help. One to one visits can be motivating and empowering to help you through the busy times in your life. No one should feel they are alone when tackling challenging times in their life. 


Selling Your Home

If you are selling your home, it is vital that you make your home feel as appealing as it can to get the best possible price. We can help you declutter the items that are not needed in your home and can also advise on kerb appeal and more importantly how to arrange your home to make it look spacious and organised for potential buyers. We can also assist you with Project Managing repairs and renovations.


Wardrobe Decluttering

In this consumer age we all have too many clothes in our wardrobes. Studies have shown we only really wear one quarter of all the clothes we own. Decluttering your wardrobe can give you a new lease of life, helping you revisit those clothes you had forgotten you had and loved. It also gives you the opportunity to donate the ones you no longer need.



Have you moved house and realised you have  unopened boxes from the last move going to the new place? You keep using up valuable storage room or bedroom space. Before the move, we can help you declutter the items that are not needed in your life anymore.


"Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to clear my bedroom, spare room & Kitchen of 10years of clutter. My husband was seriously ill in hospital and the house had to be perfect for him coming home so he could properly recover and relax. Clear Mountain Decluttering was the answer to what was an impossible task for me alone due to my own ill health. Elaine was very clear with what needed to be done for me to achieve this and get my Home back to what it used to be.

Elaine is very friendly, trustworthy and tackled the job head-on and worked exceptionally hard for me. She gave me loads of tips and organisational skills to put in to practise to keep my home tidy and clutter-free from now on. I can honestly say I have been able to keep on top on things since my decluttering experience. Now I feel a sense of calm, serenity and relaxation in my home. I feel a huge weight has been lifted and it’s a joy to be in my home again and not be looking at a mess and clutter.


If you are struggling please do not hesitate to get in touch with this company. I would certainly recommend them to anyone when you need some extra help in your life as we all do at times. I feel I have my life back!  

A huge thank you Clear Mountain Decluttering Thank you x"



I am a member of APDO THE ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL DECLUTTERERS & ORGANISERS and adhere to the guidelines set up within this organisation. 


I look forward to working with you and supporting you achieve your goals in your decluttering project.


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