Medical Issues


We helped a client with Multiple Sclerosis. This client had chronic fatigue, a young child and had moved from England with no family to support her. Her home was very disorganised and her husband was working away from home.

ACTION - Helped to organise the home, set up a filing systemic order to help the client to work from home. We provided reassurance and support.

BENEFITS - We created less stress in and around the home. We helped raise self esteem, cut down on wasted time providing more free time to spend with her child. We provided a schedule to help with family organisation.

TESTIMONIAL - I am a Consultant and had a very busy work and life schedule. I felt the need for some help with my family life and paperwork management. Elaine helped me organise my paperwork and coached me to through managing my life work balance. I suffer from M.S and she encouraged me to eat healthier and take some Meditation and Pilates classes which I have enjoyed over the past few months.   C. Patterson  

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