Client off work for a year with Depression. Client finding it hard to cope with day to day life due to pressure of work and paperwork.

ACTION - We helped to organise the paperwork, declutter the flat and rearrange items in a more orderly fashion. We also provided advice on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

BENEFITS - We helped raise self-belief and esteem. We gave this client a whole new outlook on her life. We helped provide a better living environment. As a result this client changed her job and started her own Drama School.

TESTIMONIAL - Elaine was my ‘Clutter Fairy’ she was encouraging, understanding and took time to understand my state of mind and problems in depth. We worked at a rate that I was comfortable with and she never let me get too upset. She has encouraged me to prioritise my life and as a result I am setting up my own Drama School.  Janice

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