Hospital Patient Returning Home


Decluttering a home to make it ready for the return of a patient who has experienced a Stroke retuning from hospital.


ACTION - We spoke with the client to establish the amount of support needed for the patients recuperation. We looked at Space Management for the equipment returning home with the patient. We also looked at paperwork management to source particular documents needed relating to patient. We gave advice on general home organisation and looked into lifestyle tips to help all the family.


BENEFITS - We organised the home taking the stress out of everyday living. We set up home and paperwork organisation. We made space for external medical services to aid with decluttering we provided clear surfaces to help with hygiene control.


TESTIMONIAL - My husband had a stroke and I was in crisis! My home was a mess there was no way my husband could come home with any sort of equipment to help his recovery. Elaine stepped in and helped me create space and order in my homeland life. It feels amazing! Very relaxing and peaceful. I’m never going back to how it was before.    Mrs B 

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